For a safe mobility: More than 1.2 billion vehicles worldwide mean not only increased traffic, but also an increased number of accidents. The safety of the entire vehicle, but above all passenger safety, is more important than ever – thanks to the integration of state-of-the-art safety systems as well as safety electronics and sensors.

With the aid of passive safety systems such as seat belts or airbags, the risk of injury to passengers can be significantly reduced. When it comes to airbags, speed is what counts most. In order to reduce the speed between the passenger compartment and the occupants as gently as possible in the event of an accident or impact, airbags deploy within a few milliseconds and thus serve as an additional crumple zone.

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airbag automotive sewing thread solutionsWhen an airbag is triggered, it is usually a case of life or death. In the process, the materials are exposed to maximum stresses. That includes the thread for sewing it: An airbag during a crash opens like an explosion within 25 milliseconds exposing it to hundreds of degrees of heat and thousands of centinewtons of tensile force. The essential requirements on sewing thread for airbags are maximum tear resistance, maximum elasticity and temperature resistance over a period of many years.

Our product solutions:

Seam position A&E Gütermann solution Material Construction
Top-stitching seams G 1503 bonded 100 % polyamide 4.6 Continuous filament, bonded
G 1503 unbonded Continuous filament, unbonded
Zwilon 13 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 60 100 % polyamide 6.6 Continuous filament
Zwibond 13 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 60 100 % polyamide 6.6 Continuous filament, inner-bonded
Newbond 13 / 17 / 20 / 30 100 % polyamide Continuous filament, bonded

safety belts automotive sewing thread solutionsWhether as an aircraft seat belt or three-point vehicle belt: safety belts distribute the centrifugal forces. In the event of a collision, they hold the person in the seat, protecting him or her from lifethreatening injuries. In an emergency, they must withstand extreme forces of up to 1.5 tons traction. In addition to tear resistance and a certain amount of elasticity, threads for safety belts also must be durable and light-fast.

Our product solutions:

Seam position A&E Gütermann solution Material Construction
Bar tack, belt end Calora 11 SPS (= solution-dyed) 100 % polyester Continuous filament
Calora 8 SPS (= solution-dyed)

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